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MFG-Blog-Images-42by: Christy Marion, PR & AR Specialist

Marketers are hopping on the Periscope train. It’s the (fairly) recent live video-streaming app that allows people to publish live broadcasts of, well, whatever they wish to broadcast. Since it’s integrated with Twitter, the potential to create personalized content and conversations is overwhelming. Since it is a live broadcast, social media managers should always be prepared with a contingency plan if things don’t go perfectly. Here are some of the fun ways companies can spice up their brand image using the Twitter-owned app:

Showcase Your Company Culture

Work is where we spend the majority of our days. Why not make it fun? If your office participates in weekly outings or has a tradition like Table Tennis Tuesday every week, show the world what it’s about. Use Periscope to show off your company culture. People enjoy watching people. And customers will appreciate tuning in to a more human side of the brand.

Live Stream Events

A great way to grow your company’s brand presence is to take Periscope to company events. Events are typically more social and give your audience a chance to watch how the team interacts with clients and other colleagues. Allowing your audience to “come along” to company activities leads to a more engaged following. They will feel as though they are receiving a behind-the-scenes experience, so make sure to give them one.

Product Announcements

It’s always more enjoyable to learn about new product right in front of your eyes than to read about it on a computer screen. If your company or client is about to release a new product, generate some hype beforehand and let people know you will be broadcasting it live. Show them what exactly is being launched and how they can use it, make a purchase, etc.

Broadcast Mini Tutorials

Marketers have an opportunity to create thought-leadership opportunities with the press of a button. No matter the discussion topic, there are countless opportunities to provide your audience with useful tips. Another way to generate buzz is to broadcast a Q&A with an audience. It’s a great way to get your followers engaged. Designate a spokesperson and invite your followers to attend a Q&A session on a specific topic of interest.

As marketers, we talk about getting to know your audience and ways to personalize messaging. Now, it’s time to reverse the process a bit. Find the time to let your customers in and allow them to learn about your company and the people who are behind it. It’s our job to think ahead of the client and provide new ways to create brand awareness. While live streaming is not a new concept, it represents just one of the ways we can more easily connect with our audiences.

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