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Consequences of Fake News

by: Alexis Monroe, Public Relations Intern

In 2015, Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce. Many of them find jobs through LinkedIn. College students and recent grads were LinkedIn’s fastest growing population in 2015. With 28% of these Millennials in management positions now, you can be sure that they will be using LinkedIn to find potential job candidates.

Here are four tips on how to research and secure jobs as a soon-to-be grad:

  1. Download the LinkedIn Students App

LinkedIn recently announced its new student apps. The app is geared toward helping students and recent college grads find jobs. The app provides you with five new ideas every day. The “ideas” are companies you may be interested in, current job openings, job descriptions, careers of alumni, and recommended reading. You can save any of the ideas to your profile view when it’s most convenient for you. If nothing peaks your interest, you can read more ideas in the extra credit section. You can customize your ideas based on major, experience, and cities that you are interested in. I have found the job descriptions to be the most helpful. The description includes what they do, the median salary, alumni who have this role, and top companies for that role. This tool has allowed me to create a list of companies that I will apply to when looking to start my career

  1. Work that InMail

As a soon-to-be grad, you have to have the guts to InMail that hiring manager. Just imagine how many applications hiring managers will get as graduation season draws near. You need yours to stand out. Craft the perfect message, not boasting your resume, but showing that you are genuinely interested in this person. Once you create a relationship, you can see where it goes. However, if you are applying for a job with that company be sure to follow the correct protocol. LinkedIn can be a helpful tool, but it does not replace the job application process.

  1. Use the “Find Alumni” feature

I learned this trick at one of the many “get ready for the real world” events my college hosts. The “Find Alumni” feature allows you to connect with professionals who graduated from your college based on city, graduation year, and career field. I used this feature to find people in Atlanta who could point me in the right direction for internships. From my experience, young grads are almost always willing to help out other students looking for jobs.

  1. Maintain relationships

By senior year, you have hopefully had an internship or two that has connected you to professionals in your field. The best way to maintain those relationships is to keep up the communication. Send a happy birthday message, congratulate them on company accomplishments, and stay up to date on what’s happening in their market. This way when they are looking to fill a new position, they don’t have to think to far back to remember who you are.

As I approach my senior year, I know that I will be using these tips to find that perfect job.