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hands-woman-laptop-notebookBy: Sarah Tourville, Founder and CEO

When you think about the power of competitive maps like Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and The Forrester Wave, it’s quite astounding. Companies whose products make it onto these graphic scorecards can parlay that status into months or years of effective marketing.

There’s no magic involved, of course. Indeed, the power is not in the graphic or the score—it’s in successful analyst relations. That’s the impetus behind the white paper we just published, “The Analyst Conversation: What Tech Companies Need to Know About This Powerful Influencer.” It’s aimed at helping technology firms better understand analyst relations and incorporate them into their overall marketing strategy by understanding:

  1. Industry analysts are investigators. Analysts spend weeks or months processing survey data, interviewing senior executives, and inviting vendors to briefings. By combining that information with quantitative research, they become an authority on a technology segment’s potential and drawbacks and can act as a reality check for clients.
  2. Analysts are uniquely positioned. Analysts are the center of a technology ecosystem that includes vendors, press, executive boards, vendor partners, IT end users, and investors and financial firms.
  3. Large analyst firms don’t have a lock on influence. Although every technology company is familiar with Gartner and Forrester, the opinions of a small firm with a focus on your specific technology are also worthy of your AR efforts.
  4. AR is not PR. Companies seek out briefings with analysts as they do the press, but their approach must be different. Journalists are focused on getting a quick scoop, while analysts are working on long-form reports that help their audience understand market trends and will likely have a long shelf-life.
  5. Not all agencies get AR. Make sure any agency you’re considering understands what’s unique about AR, is familiar with the analyst landscape in several regions (Europe, North America, Asia/Pacific), works frequently with specialized analyst firms, is on a first-name basis with some leading analysts, maintains a calendar showing what research is under way and when it will be published, runs realistic briefing prep sessions, and can demonstrate customer success.

Frankly, not all agencies excel at analyst relations. Some don’t focus on it; others have only limited experience. Our experience running analyst relations for Ingenico Group, Esri and other tech innovators, puts us in the forefront of this marketing niche. We have secured extensive report coverage for clients with AITE Group, Berg Insight, Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, Mercator, Ovum, and Yankee Group.

So if you’re looking for insights into the sometimes-murky world of analyst relations, please download the white paper or give us a call to find out the analyst influencers important to your business.