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Alpharetta, Ga. (July 7, 2014) – Understanding the analyst mindset is perhaps the most critical task for a technology company—it’s also one of the hardest. That’s the topic of a thought-provoking new white paper from Media Frenzy Global: “The Analyst Conversation: What Tech Companies Need to Know About This Powerful Influencer.”

“The Greater Alpharetta area is fast becoming the technology capital of the Southeast. There are more than 900 companies now in this tech cluster, and they’re getting strong support from groups like the Greater Alpharetta Tech Network (GATN),” said Sarah Tourville, CEO of Media Frenzy Global and one of the founders of GATN. “But as we talk to technology executives, we realize how many don’t fully understand analyst relations (AR) or how it should dovetail with their overall marketing strategy.”

Tourville notes that despite the fact that AR can make or break a mid-size or large tech company (especially an event like making it into Gartner’s Magic Quadrant), some marketers still confuse AR with PR. “One of the things I’ve learned from many years of working with US companies and international companies like Ingenico Group is that you need to take a completely different approach with analysts than you do with journalists,” she explained.

“But the most important piece is knowing how to integrate each type of opportunity—marketing, PR, and AR—to create what we call a media frenzy,” Tourville said. Today, that effort almost always involves new marketing technologies and platforms.

“Marketing is no longer about media relations, direct mail and advertising, even though traditional agencies still push these mediums,” said Katie Kern, Marketing and PR director at Media Frenzy Global. “We know that serving our clients properly means being well versed on email marketing platforms, search marketing, social media and mobile marketing devices – smartphones, beacons, and even wearable technologies.”

As tech-savvy real estate projects like Avalon come to fruition, and companies continue to join the Greater Alpharetta technology cluster, Media Frenzy is well positioned to help them exploit the many marketing platforms and leverage the power of analyst relations. “We have helped companies including Motorola, Convergys and Esri UK gain recognition in major analyst competitor maps to elevate their market position and drive customer enquiries. We are keen to do the same in the Greater Alpharetta area, firmly putting local technology companies on the map,” said Tourville.

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