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Intel is all about experiencing what’s inside. Eric Townsend, Director of SMB and MSP Marketing at Intel, gave us an insider’s view during his interview on the Tech Marketing Radio Show last week. We spoke with Eric about understanding the journey of the customer and how businesses can utilize new technology and marketing strategies to keep them engaged.

Where do they come from?

Most people have already been to four different places before they come to you. By the time they get to you, they already have options. Your job as a marketer is to find out what led them to you. It may have been Google, a webinar, maybe they simply want to learn more, or there is actually a specific reason they’re reaching out. Find out why they are talking to you and what are they looking at. If you can answer those questions, you can then understand what type of customer they are and how you can help.

Where are they going?

There are many ways to interact with your customer. People are posting things online every minute, so using content marketing has to be strategic. Eric says part of his job is dealing with what he calls “digital exhaust” and putting things out there that actually make customers want to engage and learn more about your company. Take the responsibility of being responsive to their wants and needs as well – if someone doesn’t want to hear from you, give them the option to opt out. Many times, you have existing customers who love your product, but you don’t talk to them as much as you should. Become more aware of where they are in the purchasing cycle. Each piece of marketing collateral can resonate with someone on his or her journey.

How to make them stay on your path?

If you do not personalize your marketing, there is a very small chance you will be successful in retaining those ideal customers. It is so important to create an immersive experience in your marketing initiatives, especially as so many new technologies are on the rise. Take advantage of interactive videos and 3D models to take the engagement to another level. B2B marketers can and should be taking advantage of new technology trend whether within their content, social media, digital programs. Up your game as far as what type of content your company is sharing.

Keep your eye on the road

There are some insanely awesome technologies being created, helping to shape the digital marketing experience. Intel is getting ahead with real-sense technology, which allows someone to go online to look at your product from every angle. It also recognizes hand placement, so customers are able to move the product around using hand movements. Starbucks, not surprisingly, is continuing to create an immersive customer experience by integrating wireless charging at certain locations. Being able to anticipate to your customers needs and then cater to them is going to put your company ahead of the curve. Look to the future and be “sponsors of tomorrow.” Listen to the rest of Eric’s interview here.