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Social Media Monitoring: Keeping Up With the Conversations

By: Marie Bernadeau, PR Account Executive @BB_PR It’s no secret that social media has transformed the way people communicate and interact. People use social media to share their interests with friends and family, as well as to spark conversations that have the...

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Quick Tips From Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer

  by: Sarah Tourville, Founder & CEO @tourville_sarah Ted Coine, CMO of Meddle Inc., began Twitter in 2009 and he says he builds his audience every single day (ethically and organically at that). With 441K followers, we wanted to know what the secret is. We...

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Influencing the Influencer

  by: Sarah Tourville, Founder & CEO @tourville_sarah We use the term influencer all the time. But, how do you really decide who an influencer is? On the Tech Marketing Radio Show we interviewed Amber Armstrong, Program Director, Social Business Market Making and...

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Social for CEOs: 5 Killer Reasons to Join the Revolution

by: Sarah Tourville, Founder and CEO I am frequently asked by CEOs why they should bother with social media. It’s a great question and one I like to take time to answer, as I want our CEO clients to recognize how their social involvement will help them to develop a...

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