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When you think of social media, what apps and websites come to mind? It’s probably sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But did you forget one? What about Snapchat?

This relative newcomer is in growth mode, letting users send a picture to friends that will be gone in a matter of seconds. (Well, maybe not gone forever.)

It’s an intriguing concept for personal use, but the app can be a tool for companies looking to maximize their brand. Snapchat provides features no other social platform does.

Here are some ways Snapchat can boost your social media presence:

  • Explore your culture. The app uses your phone’s camera lens, so it doesn’t require expensive equipment to create content. That’s the beauty of this app: you can keep your content very simple. Users of the app are looking to be entertained. They don’t want boring videos explaining who you are and what you do. Snapchat is where the creativity and authenticity of a company can be put on display, and companies can become more transparent to their customers and potential customers. Don’t make your Snapchats about what you do or sell; make them about your company’s culture.
  • Allow users to consume your brand in 10 seconds or less. In today’s fast-paced society, audiences want to receive messages in the most concise way possible—something Snapchat understands completely. You can easily create content for Snapchat, and your audience can just as easily consume it.
  • Get creative. The possibilities on Snapchat are endless, from geofilters to face modifying filters to simple video modifications. You can make videos as creative as you want and even create a geofilter for your company with Snapchat’s new On-Demand feature. The app also allows video modifications, such as adding slow motion to video or adding text and emojis to your content. Don’t be afraid to use a couple of silly filters to show your personality. These features allow your content to be more entertaining.

Snapchat’s statistics prove it is a social platform worth looking at:

  • 100 million users on the app daily
  • 60% of users with the app post daily
  • 10 billion views on Snapchat every day

These numbers show this platform is running with the top companies in its industry. Stretch your social media muscles by trying out Snapchat’s unique features to see if it’s a fit for your business.