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Launch of first voice recognition app to 4 European countries


One of the first voice-recognition apps, Vlingo was also one of the first products to experience a media frenzy™ created through digital channels. We contacted bloggers in the four launch markets (UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain) about testing the application on a new Nokia phone in exchange for an article, and the response was overwhelming. Many bloggers produced videos of themselves using the voice application, and the frenzy took hold, with bloggers and journalists requesting the opportunity to test the application.

During the product launch at CeBIT, the company demonstrated the product to dozens of journalists and analysts and generated tremendous amounts of press, including a major feature in The Times of London. The company was included in 55 articles in a six-month period, and Media Frenzy Global was recognized for the campaign with the CIPR Pride Award for Best Use of Digital PR.