How does a legacy company drive awareness across several new client verticals? Stratix has been an established name in enterprise mobility for over 30 years, but how does this brand expand its reach in the digital age?

Stratix looked to Media Frenzy Global to provide a fresh perspective and stretch Stratix messaging beyond its current siloed audience. Through a strategic media relations program, the goal was to increase brand awareness across Stratix's key client verticals and into industry trade publications.

The Solution

Developed an overarching media relations strategy from the inception of the campaign to craft a roadmap that encompassed Stratix's managed mobility Value Proposition, Key Company messages and Proof Points to entice industry media and research analysts.

Expanded brand visibility across key verticals in retail, tech, manufacturing, supply chain and transportation. Created a variety of engaging content targeted for specific industry audiences to raise awareness of Stratix in the publications their potential clients were reading.

Executed a vertical focused even media strategy. This began with successful outreach at the National Retail Federation Big Show. The result was over 20 pieces of coverage achieved from retail journalists and analysts (from the likes of Forrester, Gartner and IDC Research) during the conference.

Leveraged media interviews and analyst briefings to strengthen industry relations and position Stratix as an Innovator in the mobile retail space.

Created a content bank to house brand perspectives, responses and messaging to in turn pitch to leading vertical publications.

Focused outreach on longform content like byline articles and features to further position Stratix SME's as though leaders, to instantaneous comments and rapid responses on trending topics in the tech and mobile spaces. Because of this strategy, Stratix was consistently featured across industry trade focused publications with a strong variety of features and brand mentions. This led to a significant rise in share of voice for the brand across its preferred audiences.

Tracked forthcoming analyst report opportunities that aligned with Stratix's strengths.

Campaign Objectives

Build awareness with key decision makers in mid-market to large enterprises spanning the Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Transportation sectors. Position Stratix executives as go-to though leaders on specific enterprise mobility issues and pain points.

The Results

As a result of Media Frenzy Global's media relations program, Stratix was able to achieve consistent media placements in publications like: Retail Dive, CRN, Industry Today, Inbound Logistics, Industry Week and Apparel Magazine. This led to a total of 58 media placements with a combined 277 million impressions. Stratix's coverage equated to a 57% share of voice over their main competitor as well. Over the campaign, we were able to form strong relationships with Stratix's vertical specific trade media contacts and share many engaging pieces of content. This cadence of content across many different trade and national outlets led to an increase in brand awareness and helped position Stratix SME's as sought out industry experts.




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