Visualizing the Power of Teamwork

Cirravox, a voice services company, engaged Media Frenzy Global to freshen up the presence of their live answering services company, VoiceNation, as they set off on a technology and growth roadmap for the company.

Answering services are a mature category, hardly associated with advanced technology or the rapidly evolving “gig economy” work styles. But Cirravox had a vision for the next generation of the service that included the use of mobile apps and Artificial Intelligence.

Cirravox partnered with Media Frenzy Global to help define the Brand. The outward expression of the brand had to be true to the reality and benefits of live phone answering, but also reflect the bold new way in which VoiceNation delivers them. Media Frenzy Global conducted a Brand Vision workshop, in-depth focus group studies, and identified the key differentiators. Then MFG took it to the next level.


– Establish a distinctive brand character and identity for VoiceNation to help drive near-term growth

– Develop a brand and messaging platform that positions VoiceNation’s parent company, Cirravox, as a technology leader and business innovator

The Solution

Media Frenzy Global lasered in on the core market for VoiceNation: small businesses that rely on personal, real-time voice communications for serving customers and acquiring new ones. Through its investigation of this market, MFG uncovered the fact that these prospects were not always comfortable trusting such an important part of their business as customer engagement to anyone but themselves.

MFG articulated a Brand Vision for VoiceNation that combined the idea of personal assistance with the concept of teamwork and powerful capabilities.

Media Frenzy Global then developed a visual expression of these capabilities; the real personnel of VoiceNation backing up businesspeople like a team on a mission. This provides reassurance that VoiceNation is both strong and personable enough to care for their customers’ businesses. This concept elevated the company’s website above the competition. But there was more.

In the course of discovery, Media Frenzy Global identified a range of opportunities to communicate with VoiceNation’s customers and prospects to actually grow the business. VoiceNation retained MFG to conduct the follow-on email and content marketing.

The Results

Following the launch of the new website, VoiceNation had its best month ever in terms of customer growth. Sales operations were refined with materials supplied by MFG to help grow the business further. And MFG’s PR activities for VoiceNation’s leadership and the leadership of its parent company, Cirravox, has blown past goals for story placement and readership in publications like Thrive Global.


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