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A picture of lights creating a commotion.By: Jessica Newland, Marketing Specialist

Our agency is a hotbed of activity—multiple projects for multiple clients, phone calls from analysts and members of the press, and meetings that run the gamut from minute campaign details to high-level strategy.

Making sure we conveyed that energy was our main focus as we developed our new website. It wasn’t the easiest thing we’ve ever done, but by pulling together the entire Media Frenzy team, a fantastic group of designers, some SEO specialists, and very talented videographers and photographers, we made it happen.

We documented the process, of course, and thought you might enjoy a quick look at some of the activities that went into creating our new site.

Dave Crawford Photography


Photographer Dave Crawford shot close ups of each team member to be used with their bios and on various other site pages. Our office walls are bright, so we were able to use them as backdrops—and clearing our desks out of the way wearing heels was an interesting operation.



James Gang Films


James Gang Films filmed a large variety of shots for our video, Harness the Media Frenzy. We were fascinated to see the creative process involved with the video shoot. It took a long time to set up and film each shot, but the end product was completely worth it.



James Gang Films



Some behind-the-scenes photos of our talented actress performing in the video.




Dave Crawford Photography



Here’s Dave Crawford working on a photo of Christy Marion, our PR & AR specialist, for our culture page, Feel the Frenzy. We tried out a few props for each person until we found one that worked.



Media Frenzy Global - Case Studies


No, this isn’t a police lineup. It’s the Media Frenzy team holding cards that would become the banner image for the case studies page. We knew our faces would be cropped out the image, so we didn’t bother to smile or look good for the camera.



Media Frenzy Global - About Us



Sarah can’t resist working the camera, even though our faces won’t be in final image…