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“The best ideas in marketing are often the opposite of common sense.”

Airing as a new guest on the Tech Marketing Radio Show, part of The Better You Network, we are thrilled to introduce Laura Ries, leading marketing strategist, bestselling author and television personality. With a career in marketing for about 20 years now, we are soaking in as much advice as Laura Ries will give us.

Laura believes in the visual. As explained in her book, Visual Hammer, visual is the most effective way to connect with the consumer’s mind. In her interview with us, she expands on the emotional connection with brands and how companies can use pictures to create a larger impact than with simple words. A visual hammer subconsciously communicates the emotional power of your brand while also driving a verbal idea.

Take the following self-explanatory examples. It doesn’t take long to blurt out the company each visual stands for.


Visual Hammer Examples

Tying the visual into a marketing strategy, Laura finishes with a few bits of advice on creating total success. To build your brand, you need to always keep your focus. Take your own advice and don’t doubt yourself and what you believe in.

To be a consultant, you have to be known for something. What will you be known for?

Check out the rest of Laura’s full interview here.

Laura appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, CNN, HLN, and is frequently quoted by the Associated Press, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets. View the rest at