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By: Axel Martinez, Public Relations Intern

Recently, I had the opportunity to provide coverage for this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2018) in Las Vegas with Wireless Wednesday Live. CES is one of the world’s largest tech shows and presents up-and-coming exhibitions, inventions, and innovations. I spent a good amount of time discovering some of the new devices that audiophiles may want to keep an open ear out for, but I also learned about which fields of tech are being put in the spotlight. Two were heavily spoken about by vendors and media specialists alike, artificial intelligence and the IoT.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, received a lot of coverage, especially because of the emerging tech of digital/voice assistants. Google displayed the Google Assistant. Lenovo presented its new virtual assistant (a collaboration between Google and Lenovo), and Amazon exhibited updated features with Alexa. AI is already being integrated into home products, vehicles, and consumer goods, and is only expected to provide smarter tech solutions as more devices are brought into different aspects of our lives. These voice assistants can already schedule meetings, begin conference calls, and put in requests for ordering supplies, which will open the door for more opportunities with its ease of access across multiple devices within a setting.

There were also many discussions about the upcoming plans for IoT and how companies intend to connect products within one’s home. Devices being accessed through either voice command or an app were just two of the solutions actively examined by many companies. Voice command was presented as an easy access option by giving instructions without having to interact with a system’s interface. Connection through an app, where all the devices from a company, such as Samsung or LG, could provide a more in-depth look into all the products connected on a system, would allow home appliances and devices to be better monitored. However, some may find it difficult to scroll through all that they have connected on a system.

CES opens the door for people to see the future of the tech market. Companies of all sizes greatly benefit from learning about what is to come. Smart devices with AI and voice control capabilities on a home or office system are only a fragment of what will soon be a part of our day to day routines. These new products also need users to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to use them to the best of their capabilities in order to provide benefits for both the individual and community. Employees should look towards incorporating these devices into their own systems, as it allows them to be up to date with innovative opportunities and provides more efficient forms of scheduling and communicating within the industry.