By: Sarah Tourville, Founder & CEO

While a common thread was heard and seen throughout the Golden Globes, it was Oprah’s speech that touched on so many timely and trending topics within the movement of women’s empowerment. She claimed that a new day is on the horizon where women will be heard and believed, and where we can finally stop saying “me too.” For the many women who are embracing this much-needed shift in actions and thinking, including myself who has been on the receiving end of male abuse and disrespect in the work environment over the last 20 years, her words meant so much and left me feeling that I might never have to endure another male colleague touching my leg, putting their hands around my waist, or even just listening to ongoing sexual innuendos.

The technology industry is largely male, and while I have worked with many respectful and professional male colleagues over the years, all male meetings, drinks after work, strip club invites, and inappropriate comments seem to have also come with the territory. If this were all to stop today, the playing field for women in the tech industry would forever be altered, and women would be allowed, and encouraged, to rise to the top based solely on professional capabilities and work ethic. That new day would look so pretty, and the sun would shine brightly.

Her message also rang true when she talked about authenticity. Oprah called for us to speak truthfully, align our personality with our soul, and then do the work from that passion. As someone who has built a career and business around a passion, I couldn’t agree more.

What I have discovered from running Media Frenzy Global for the last 11 years is that I excel at developing relationships, empathizing, and looking at situations from other people’s point of view. Showing compassion and commitment while listening to people’s needs is part of my personality, and it’s in my soul. This is why my role as CEO of Media Frenzy fits me perfectly.

I am the frontwoman for the company. I establish new relationships with clients and partners. I listen to their needs and do my best to let clients know that we will do whatever it takes to be successful. And, I do this because I have found a way to bring together my character and my consciousness. While not every client relationship ticks along smoothly, most know that I speak authentically from my heart, and they can always come back to me and trust in me to get things right.

Aligning your personality with your soul brings not only success, but happiness and contentment. Set out today on what your soul is calling you to do, and a new day will indeed be on the horizon.