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MFG-Blog-Images-28By: Jessica Newland, Marketing Manager

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.” For the most part, this is true—not only in our personal lives, but our professional ones. Still, sometimes that inner voice that wants to rip your competition apart shouldn’t be outwardly voiced, especially across your company’s social platforms.

Sometimes it’s okay to use social platforms for a little friendly smack talk—as long as it’s done right. We see it all the time in sports, so why not in business? Of course, we’re all familiar with the uncomfortable feeling when a tweet or Facebook post goes too far. And there’s nothing worse than having someone in a senior leadership role portray the company in a bad light on social media. It’s hard for a brand to come back from that.

No matter what space you’re in, there’s always going to be competition to deal with. The trick is to keep it clean and fun so you don’t come across like jerk on social media. Here’s how:

  1. Keep it light. The key to light, fun trash talk is to not cross the line. Don’t bring up controversial events or get into heated debates, and don’t use bad language. If you’re having trouble with seeing the humorous side of things, try a meme. No one can get mad at a meme.
  2. Don’t talk about anyone’s mother. Or anything else personal, for that matter. The easiest way to offend someone is to talk about something important to them.
  3. Educate your employees. You can’t necessarily control what your employees put out on social media, so it’s important to educate them on what is acceptable and what is not when they are representing your company. The last thing you need is an employee airing your dirty laundry or saying things that display your company in a bad light. That leads to one of two things: a stream of upset followers or having to take action on that employee. Neither is pleasant, so make an effort to educate your employees and avoid this one altogether.

One thing that always holds true: people buy from people. Therefore, you need to make sure your brand comes across as a person that can be trusted. Avoid being a #TwitterJerk and keep those followers happy. And always remember, don’t be a mean girl on social media or else..






(See what I did there?)