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A computer screen and an iPad screen with a headline over Jessica Newland, Marketing Manager
The other week, I gave my thoughts on account based marketing (ABM) and how, if you want to be successful, you can take steps to harness the Media Frenzy™. If you missed the first step, you can read more on how to characterize the frenzy by creating prospect profiles, here.

Now, it’s time to dive into the remaining three steps.


This step is all about customizing your message. The reason customization is important is that B2B buyers are typically found in one of four stages of the buying cycle: awareness, research, comparison and purchase. It is imperative, then, that you craft messages tailored to each prospect profile at every stage of the cycle. This allows you to communicate with people ‘where they are’ and is key in the H2H (human-to-human) communication style on which many are beginning to focus.

Let’s walk through an overview of media that you can use to engage your audience in different stages of the buying cycle:


Prospects in the awareness stage typically have little to no knowledge of you or what you do. They are consuming information about the types of pain points that you can relieve, so it’s important to use the best tactics for SEO, social media, PR, earned media (including analyst opinions and other influencer activity), and paid advertising. That way you can reach prospects on every corner of the internet, even if no one has heard of you before.


If done properly, your target audience will now know who you are and what general space you’re in. More importantly, they’ll start to see you as someone who may be able to alleviate their pain. The next step for those prospects is to begin to do some research. Do you offer what they need? Will it fit their budget? Are any of their competitors using your services? This is where your content comes in play. By creating awesome content like: how-to videos, blog posts, newsletters, eBooks, infographics, articles, and white papers, prospects can easily answer those questions.


Once the initial research is done, you’ll be compared to your competitors. Do your prospects think that you’re the best fit for them? Answer that question with more great content such as case studies, video testimonials, strong analyst opinions, and a consistent social media presence and you can start to win their trust before your sales team even picks up the phone.


After you have proven yourself with compelling and educational content, influencer validation, and an engaging social presence, it’s time for your sales team to get on the phone to help take your prospects through the buying decision and secure the relationship. But, the content doesn’t stop there. The best way to grow your business is to provide your existing customers with useful, timely, information to keep them connected with you and to help them become your advocates.


This is the section I like to call “Getting it done.” It’s all about execution. How do you schedule time and resources to do the things that we’ve talked about above? And how do you structure those activities?

At Media Frenzy Global, we maintain a content calendar outlining the types of content we’re planning to create, for which buyer persona, what questions we want to answer, what channel we are using for each piece, and when we plan to ‘push’ the content out to each channel. We also take inventory of who will be responsible for each piece of content.

Remember: strategy requires action to accomplish goals.


Now that you have a steady flow of content that is tailored to the right people and answering their questions, how do you know what worked and what didn’t?

End-to-end measurement.

Measurement is key to making sure you are using your time and resources efficiently and effectively. Judge your strategy on these seven markers:

  1. Marketing qualified leads
  2. Sales qualified leads,
  3. Unique visitors
  4. PR and earned-media coverage
  5. Blog posts published,
  6. Social media growth, and
  7. Any industry- or company-specific KPIs that define success for you.

Set metrics on what you want to see and analyze your results as you go. This will allow you to be agile and change your strategy for the better as time goes on.


Congratulations! You officially know how to harness the media frenzy in ABM.

And remember, if you’re looking for a way to conquer ABM without an excessive draw on time and internal resources, Media Frenzy Global is here to help. It’s what we do.