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Holographic press release

Introducing the launch of the world’s 1st holographic press release created by Cathy Hackl, developed by the team at You Are Here (YAH) and Media Frenzy Global is the official launch PR partner.


What Is A Holographic Press Release?

The “Holographic Press Release” is a new and innovative way to leverage the smartphone to help brands move beyond the written word.

Push Beyond The Humble Press Release.

Global brands like Audi have already pushed beyond the humble written press release. Of course, video is no longer a differentiator in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Now, an automotive CEO can introduce a new car holographically, placing it in front of the user with their smartphone. Customers can interact with the product all while listening to the CEO. Typically this type of interaction is reserved for apps, but the HPR works on popular social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook.


Media Frenzy Global builds brands for innovators and disruptors by creatively reimagining how their stories are told.

Launch Happenings

Going to PRSA International Conference in Austin, Texas, October 7-9?

If so, join our CEO, Sarah Tourville and Furturist, Cathy Hackl on the main stage discussing “PR in the Age of VR, AR and Holograms” and the official launch of the HPR.

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