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team members pointing at the computer screenDeveloping a dynamic inbound digital marketing team is not quite as easy as many believe when they set out to do so. The truth is, it takes time to find the right people with the right team dynamics and a clear notion of required skill sets and expected KPIs. There’s also a constant flux of marketing trends and technology to deal with.

Like with any business discipline, there are pros and cons to both in-house and outsourced marketing, and many choose a hybrid option, but one thing is for sure: you can’t afford to make the wrong decision. Digital marketing’s ability to drive qualified leads continues to grow, and marketing’s voice at the boardroom table is at its highest point ever. So, how do you know what is the right decision for your business?

Speed to market

If the idea of spending six months hiring and developing a digital marketing team, only to learn that your writer is not up to the task, you’ve overlooked a critical lead-generation platform, or the team is just not functioning well makes you queasy, you might consider outsourcing. Agency teams are tried and tested; they have been working together for months (sometimes years) and know how to collaborate to deliver results. They’ve made the mistakes you are about to encounter and have expert knowledge about which platforms work and which aren’t worth the effort.


When we start a project, our intent is to manage as best we can from fruition to end, but more often than not, something takes us off task and the project gets sidetracked. This can be fatal, particularly if the in-house marketing team is responsible for implementing campaigns that deliver qualified leads. No campaigns, no leads. The luxury of an outsourced marketing team is that they can’t use this excuse. They are tasked with delivering a campaign and showing results regardless of what else is happening. This is peace of mind for many companies and definitely good for the bottom line.


Digital marketing requires lots of testing and refining: there is no proven template that works for all companies. The best marketing teams will test, measure the analytics, refine, and test again. When they eventually find a model that works, they home in and exploit it. But an agile marketing team like this can be expensive, requiring an abundance of skill sets, deep pockets to hire new people, and the time needed to change out team members. An outsourced team gives you the freedom to test, modify, and be agile in your approach while tapping into myriad resources to get the job done well.

There is rationale of course for an in-house marketing model as employees are more engrained within day-to-day business and able to suggest new strategies and tactics real-time. Developing a culture of loyalty within the team is also more possible, but the reality is that many in-house marketing teams struggle to work tightly and efficiently with a pure focus on delivering results. So if you are seeking speed to market, dedicated focus and agility backed up with results, outsourced marketing is definitely worth considering.