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pexels-photo-209696by: Jessica Newland, Marketing Manager

Doing what you love is important. But even doing what you love isn’t always rainbows. A work environment with a golden company culture really makes for happier employees. Don’t get us wrong, we love our jobs but working in the PR and marketing industry can become extremely busy and stressful at times. Sometimes it’s important to take a moment to realize why you do what you do.

We decided to take you inside the frenzy and share with you why we feel like we hit the jackpot.

Katie, PR & Marketing Director: I am lucky to work with a leader like Sarah Tourville every day.  She inspires us all to be a better version of ourselves.  You can always count on her to be truly engaged in professional and personal conversation with you.  And, she is the master at allowing ALL of us to shine beyond imagination.

Jessica, Marketing Manager: Everyday I feel truly lucky to walk into my office here at Media Frenzy Global. It’s such a growing, eccentric and truly inspiring environment to be a part of. The clients are great, the coworkers are great and most importantly, our leader is great. (It also helps I have a TV to watch soccer games on).

Sarah, CEO & Founder: I love working with the team because each one of us is passionate, driven and fully dedicated to doing exceptional work for our clients and creating a media frenzy™. Its what we do and we’re branded because of it.

Rosalie, Marketing Coordinator: I feel lucky to have found such a great job after college in my field of study. This is a fantastic place to gain invaluable knowledge from experienced professionals to apply throughout the rest of my career in public relations. Plus, I have a super cool office!

Christy, PR & AR Specialist: I have the ability to be myself, no matter what I am working on. I don’t ever feel like I’m being restricted or have to hold back. Of course there is always a level of professionalism to keep, but the way in which I do work is many times reflective of my own personality. The company environment is pretty laid back and creative juices are always flowing.

Company culture is a huge part of your brand. Work is where you spend the majority of your time, so make it something you enjoy doing everyday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, get lucky.