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Team putting fists together.By Kim Toole, Marketing Account Manager

In days of the old disciplines, marketing and PR were separate silos and rarely, if ever, crossed paths. But, times have changed. Channels and platforms are different, and competition has become fierce. To stay relevant and be considered a viable option for your customers and prospects alike, you must stand out, connect and show value. How is your offering or service different? By working in tandem, marketing and PR professionals can up the ante and be a true force in showcasing the brand strengths, ultimately driving traffic and increasing sales for their client.

Here’s why:

• By sharing goals, Marketing and PR team members can collaborate and create a plan that packs double the punch.
• Each bring strong strategic skills to the table that relate to their discipline.
• Integrated campaigns that consist of both marketing and PR tactics can reach multiple audiences that help the client reach their overall goal, whether that is better brand awareness or increased sales.
• PR has reach to industry influencers that marketers may not have.
• Marketing has a knack at understanding the target audience and knowing what content needs to be generated to reach them.
• Both are highly engaged on digital channels, which is key to reaching busy, on-the-go decision makers.

Marketing and PR team members from both the agency and client side will find that when they join forces the client (or organization) will experience higher dividends on their spend in the form of:

• More brand awareness among prospective customers
• More brand loyalty among current customers
• More media attention from industry publications and influencers
• Increased leads
• Higher revenue

Businesses can no longer rely on just one or the other. There must be a concerted effort to connect the two and let them work together. Where will you see the difference? That’s easy – the bottom line.