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It did not take her long to realize she could do here what she had always done in London. Her company, Media Frenzy, specializes in helping technology companies, especially startups.

“My intent had been to keep flying back to London regularly to manage my business,” she said.

But she went to an early Greater Alpharetta Tech Network event, met its founder and president, Karen Cashion, and became intrigued with the idea of such an organization for so many businesses operating virtually under her nose.

“It was a wake-up call. So I helped her organize the GATN, and I realized there were so many opportunities right here,” Tourville said. “I saw this was a very, very good place for Media Frenzy to be based.”

So, two years ago, Media Frenzy opened its U.S. office in Alpharetta.

Last week, she launched Media Frenzy 2.0, which is Tourville’s way of saying her company is staying abreast of the media market as it charts new waters in the technology field.

Tourville had a few things to crow about. In one recent campaign, Media Frenzy managed a webinar that attracted 60 participants and led to a multimillion-dollar deal for the client. It also grew client website traffic by 300 percent in a matter of a year.

Even Google is paying attention to the now-Alpharetta-based company. Media Frenzy’s overall Google rankings progressed from page three to page one, and the company now appears on page one in keyword searches of the top five terms associated with its business.

“We help technology companies get launched in today’s market,” she said. “We are also branching out to work with established companies in the field.

“What we are particularly good at is correlating three key areas together. One is the Influencers. We know the media, the technology media, the business technology media and the mobile media. We also know the trade analysts community,” she said.

That knowledge in those core areas gives Media Frenzy the leverage to influence the influencers, she said.

“It is not enough for emerging technology companies to have a great product. They also need to be heard and recognized by those influencers in the community and nationally,” Tourville said. “That in turn translates into getting client technology companies attention in the right quarters and recognized for what they are able to do.”

Another key component for Media Frenzy is what Tourville calls “creating compelling content.”

“That allows technology companies to have a voice physically – that can be video, that can be white papers or that can be blogs. It needs to be something written and visually transmitted,” she said.

With 80 percent of business-to-business buying online, technology companies need to be present in that online conversation.

A third emerging key area is “mar-tech,” which is the area of marketing technology and the various technology platforms it uses in the new hybrid environment of tech-savvy marketers, growth hackers, data scientists and digital strategists.

“We’re very strong in the area of understanding mar-tech platforms. Just think about how many social platforms there are, how many automation platforms there are. We have an understanding of that and the capability to use the right platform.

“We know how to use the written word in the right tonality on those platforms to allow companies to engage with their customers and their influencers. So when you put all that together, it creates what I call a media frenzy,” Tourville said.

It’s about using the gamut of media alternatives to create online buzz about what a company can do.

“And that goes for any industry – technology or not. Knowing where to start in your marketing strategy, how to be recognized and how to grow your business with new leads is very overwhelming now for any marketer,” she said.

It is difficult to know where to start, what content and what media to use. Is an e-book the right way?

“Marketing has become a science. It is no longer about creating visualizations alone or the written word. You have to be able to understand that and then find the right platform and then show data analytics to demonstrate your success,” she said. “So it is a hard industry for marketers.”

What Tourville’s company does is harness the media and take control of it. Then they use it to break through and create a voice for the company.

Tourville says her company has done a good job demonstrating lead generation from just one piece of “content rich” platform. It is all about demonstrating the content and generating the leads that companies need to be successful.

“People need help in making sense of how to do this kind of marketing. We see this all the time and not just in the technology field. It’s the same in hospitality if you are looking to fill rooms or grow that golf club.

“People are completely overwhelmed because the marketing they studied 20 years no longer looks the same,” she said. “The buying process is so different.”

Which marketing technology should a company be using? Which automated marketing platform should a company be using? Which social advertising platform should it be using? Which data analytics platform should the company be using to demonstrate its organic traffic?

That is the expertise of Media Frenzy: Knowing how to bring the media content onto the various platforms and giving clients exposure over the range of current media.

“We can come in and prove the ROI the company can generate, and that is something every business can understand,” Tourville said.

Article originally published on North Atlanta Business Post.