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A picture of a car radio.By: Sarah Tourville, Founder & CEO

I’m very excited to announce that the first Tech Marketing Radio Show set to launch on September 16th 2014 will include guests from MUZE Branding, BrightWave, Econsultancy, Intelliverse, and Stoney River Capitals. Sarah Tourville, CEO and founder of global tech marketing agency Media Frenzy Global, and Jeff Sheehan, one of the most influential marketers on Twitter (@jeffsheehan), are the co hosts with extensive expertise in the world of tech marketing.

It will be the first opportunity for tech marketers to hear senior level professionals from global technology and digital marketing companies share their views on tech marketing tools, trends and potential future disruptors. The findings will be groundbreaking, aimed at growing and educating the wider tech marketing community.

Why should you tune in?

You work in a fast-paced, high energy, ever-changing world of technology, where no sooner has one product announcement been made, you are on to the next. You are expected to be ahead of the game, aware of the wide array of tech marketing platforms offered and utilizing only the best methodologies to drive positive ROI.

The intent of the Tech Marketing Radio Show is to present the best and brightest tech marketers and tech leaders from throughout the world who have been there, done it and know what works and what doesn’t. They have a keen eye on future trends and will share their thoughts with you on our show.

Radio talking points

Our VIP guests will spend an hour with us at the studio or via Google Hangouts, giving us a glimpse of their tech-marketing world. The topics we intend to discuss are:

  • Career paths – where they started, how they got to their current position, the challenges they faced along the way, what they might have done differently?
  • Company solutions– how the company has supported the marketing efforts of tech and other companies? What has worked, what hasn’t? How have the campaigns been measured?
  • Tech-marketing tools – what marketing tools could they not live without and are imperative to marketing success?
  • Marketing Disruptors – what trends do they foresee happening in marketing and specifically tech marketing? What’s next after wearable technology?

The Tech Marketing Radio Show is part of The Better You Network, a digital radio station aired on