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Blurred lights in the background with a headlineBy: Christy Marion, PR & AR Specialist

New year, new goals. During 2015, Media Frenzy Global experienced many positive milestones, along with some enlightening challenges. One thing we want in 2016 for not only our clients, but the entire PR industry is a revamped press release. The press release, as we know it, is dead.

Here is some PR food for thought.

  • Cut it down. When we say the press release is dead, we mean the traditional press release. The one with more than 500 rambling words, long sentences, even longer quotes, and an overall boring topic. From now on, the less words, the better.
  • Get a bang for your buck. The amount of dollars companies spend distributing press releases can reach the thousands, and sometimes they only end up on irrelevant websites as a result of automated pickup. Let’s face it: that doesn’t really qualify as “coverage.” Give the media a story they are eager to publish. If you don’t think it’s important enough for coverage, reconsider spending loads of money to push it out.
  • Write for the Internet, not print. The new press release should be crafted in a made-for-the-Internet press-release format—more of a teaser than a full-blown release, designed to get a reporter or editor to your website for additional information. It should be easy to share through social channels and email.
  • Make it newsworthy (and understand what newsworthy means). Instead of lengthy company pitches, let’s get to the point, make it newsworthy, and save everyone a lot of time. Combine video, infographics, tweets, and snaps to tell your story in a compelling way.
  • Help journalists, don’t hinder. As PR professionals, we are here to help clients gain press coverage and journalists get their job done. Writers decide very quickly whether to consider your story or trash it. So make it stick. Avoid sending lengthy pitches along with the release. Make sure they understand your point as soon as they open your email.
  • Distinguish your audience. One of the most-forgotten rules of press releases is to write for the audience, not the company. If the release written for the company, chances are very few journalists will be interested in having a follow-up conversation.

We are always looking for ways to fuel the frenzy for our clients, and we see 2016 as the year to recreate the press release and push the envelope when it comes to PR strategy.