Atlanta-based Media Frenzy Global is working with Cathy Hackl, an expert in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on what is being termed the world’s first holographic press release.  The technology made its premiere at the Public Relations Society of America’s 2018 International Conference. It allows brands to showcase speakers and products as interactive, three-dimensional holograms, distributed through augmented reality on Facebook and Instagram (through Facebook’s Spark AR camera effects platform) and Snapchat. Consumers can travel around the 3-D hologram, connecting through linked access points, and hearing accompanying audio. Hackl says that “by using volumetric video on Facebook and Snapchat, users won’t need to download an app or visit a separate website to experience holographic video.” The technology will be piloted in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York City, with further rollouts to be announced.

Originally published on O’Dwyer’s.