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Our Culture

What we are all about

Let’s face it, if we’re bold enough to call ourselves Media Frenzy, we need to be able to deliver just that. A true passion for stirring up markets and the ability to get excited about every new client is part of every team member’s DNA.

Of course, delivering on our promise takes more than just unusual amounts of creativity. We treat clients with the respect they deserve—meeting deadlines, acting ethically and fairly, and working tirelessly to understand their needs.

Media Frenzy is a great place to work because we genuinely love what we do. That means things get pretty crazy at times, but we strive to keep everything in balance. We have a deep understanding of technology, but we welcome expertise in any industry.

If you’re ready to join a team that knows how to build a true media frenzy™—or you want that team to create a frenzy for your company—please give us a shout.