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MFG-Blog-Images-41Thanksgiving is so close; we can almost taste it. Who doesn’t get excited about a warm home-cooked meal made with love and care? At Media Frenzy Global, we even created a Turkey Day potluck to have a little celebration of our own before the holiday begins!

This year, we especially wanted to emphasize Thanksgiving by asking ourselves, “If we could create an agency as good as a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal, what would be on our agency ‘plate’?”

In other words, if we could cook-up the perfect combination of love and care for our clients and serve it year-round, what would be included?

Here is what our team had to say:

• Empathy– Empathy is like gravy which needs to be poured over everything. Without it, the food is tasteless and lacks texture, making you inclined not to choose it again. When empathy flows you create a connection, a relevance, and it speaks to your needs and desires. –Sarah Tourville

• Technology– Gobble down and drink up technology as it will have a significant impact on PR. Whether its big data and AI helping the PR industry better understand readership’s core attributions, or using VR and AR to tell your brand’s story. Advancements in technology are about to improve and disrupt our industry. I’m already stuffed. –Katie Kern

• Collaboration– Thanksgiving never goes smoothly if collaboration isn’t there. It is critical that all team members be involved and constantly work together to come up with new ideas that help our clients reach their goals. Whether its messaging, creative, or technology, we all play an important part in creating success. #teamworkisdreamwork. –Kim Toole

• Brand Omnichannel– Indulge in a tasty slice of brand omnichannel pie. Have a multichannel approach to communications that is seamless in telling your brand’s story.  This requires reaching your audiences through all channels necessary — PR, digital marketing, social, content, email marketing, native ads…anywhere your target audience exists. Yum, it is the perfect dessert to a delicious Thanksgiving meal. –Nikkia Adolphe

• Passion– I’ll take a heap of passion, please! A great agency has people who are passionate about what they do. This is essential because this translates into not only an internal motivation, but an enthusiastic desire to help their clients succeed. When the team is passionate, it shifts the team experience into drive mode, elevating each person’s involvement, technical know-how, and skills which in the end produce A-1 results all around. –Tawanda Carlton

• Creativity– Adding a unique element to all of the work you produce in an integrated communications agency is like putting the whipped cream on the apple pie. You love the pie, but adding that little extra touch makes the whole meal so much better. Creativity and the willingness to step outside of a comfort zone is what makes people in agencies so special! We are always pushing the boundaries to think differently. –Ashley Dinges

Like a Thanksgiving meal, there are some items you must have in an agency in order to make it just right. For Media Frenzy, we can’t succeed without the perfect ingredients to not only produce incredible work, but also work hard as a team together.

What would you include in your agency meal?