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“I’ll take two,” I say, reaching for my wallet. On a balmy Atlanta afternoon in a downtown skate park, the heat was beginning to reach “that’ll do, sun” levels. A small group of children who would later introduce themselves as the Water Warriors (with matching teal T-shirts to boot) had recently approached, sweating, toting plastic bags filled with bottles of ice cold water. In their eyes, it seemed, where there was perspiration, there was opportunity. The youngest mogul, a shy girl with pigtails, places two bottles in my hand for a friend and I.

We both finish our water before the group could retrieve proper change for my impromptu purchase. “Keep it,” I offer. Their eyes grew wide, but I wasn’t sure if they completely understood that it was their presentation, not the product, that won me over. Either way, it was clear that the Water Warriors were on the right track.

Indeed, any business can learn from these mini moguls: without proper promotion and presence, your company will not be able to connect to the public in a meaningful way that establishes trust, develops loyalty and—eventually—generates revenue. Consider these three points:

  1. Engagement—The consumer in today’s ever-changing landscape is more powerful than ever. As social technology continues to expand alongside advances in mobile, it’s becoming more vital for business to engage with their audiences. How impactful is your customer engagement?
  1. Exposure—Creating substantial brand exposure can be challenging, yet rewarding. A core target audience is essential to every marketing initiative in order to establish brand reputation and maximize conversion potential. Is your product being pushed adequately and efficiently?
  1. Authenticity—It goes without saying that public perception is directly related to how well a business thrives. To wit, a company with zero credibility will struggle to increase, or sustain, their digital footprint in today’s climate. As the consumer of today is becoming too savvy to pander to, ask yourself: are you fulfilling their definition of quality or yours?

Is it time to rethink your marketing strategy? “Water” you waiting for?