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Selected to advance Pyramid Solutions’ social and online brand

Atlanta, GA (May 19, 2015) – Media Frenzy Global, an award winning technology marketing agency, has been appointed as digital agency partner for Pyramid Solutions, an information technology consulting services company headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Media Frenzy Global, which is comprised of two operations in London and Atlanta, will support and manage Pyramid Solutions, a division of Pyramid Consulting, social engagement and content marketing efforts. The marketing approach is centered on creating compelling, thought leadership content aimed at educating IT executives on ways to optimize and transform their IT solutions, while helping to get past bottlenecks in four key areas: Enterprise Solutions, QA Solutions, Mobile Solutions and Product Solutions.

Today’s buyers are more demanding and sophisticated, using multiple social channels to stay informed on products and services. “Companies that aren’t there with answers to prospects’ questions will fall off the radar, while brands like Pyramid Solutions that anticipate questions and provide useful resources will win brand awareness and, eventually, conversions,” says Sarah Tourville, CEO and Founder of Media Frenzy Global.

“We recognize our influencers and customers use social sites to research solutions, make comparisons and buying decisions. Without a social engagement strategy and presence, we are prevented from helping our customers make good choices, which in turn jeopardizes business growth and success. Media Frenzy Global is working hard to get us there,” says Randall McCroskey, VP Enterprise Solutions, Pyramid Solutions.

Pyramid Solutions brings domain expertise to a range of industries, including retail & distribution, healthcare, insurance, and banking and finance, working specifically with, Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company, and Georgia Pacific. From legacy systems to cutting edge mobile solutions, Pyramid helps companies prepare for tomorrow, while ensuring that the systems and processes that built their business are part of a current, compatible, and productive IT infrastructure.

About Media Frenzy Global:

Media Frenzy Global is an award-winning technology marketing communications agency whose purpose is to harness the media frenzy with passion and excitement to create powerful and meaningful brands.  With offices in London and Atlanta, Media Frenzy Global develops targeted and progressive campaigns that help clients build thought leadership and increase market share internationally. Clients include leading Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium sized disruptive tech companies in Europe and North America. For more information on Media Frenzy Global, visit or follow us on Twitter at @mediafrenzyglob.

About Pyramid Solutions:

Pyramid Solutions is an onsite-offshore IT and software solutions partner who helps small and large enterprises and ISV’s get software out the door faster when facing limited resources, specializing in four key areas: Quality Assurance Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, and Product Solutions. A division of Pyramid Consulting, Inc. based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Pyramid Solutions operates with partners in several key industries, including ISV’s, insurance, banking & financial services, retail & distribution and healthcare. For more information on Pyramid Solutions, visit or follow us on Twitter at @PyramidSolves.

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