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Ted Coine, CMO of Meddle Inc., began Twitter in 2009 and he says he builds his audience every single day (ethically and organically at that). With 441K followers, we wanted to know what the secret is. We interviewed Ted on the Tech Marketing Radio Show, part of The Better You Network and gathered some great tips on how to build a personal brand, which we of course want to share with you!

Tip 1   It’s not an ego trip. And for the people who think it is, they are most likely distasteful and it’s best to avoid them.

Tip 2   Get on Twitter every single morning with your coffee – before your brain is fully awake, tend your social garden. That includes following people back, responding and engaging.

Tip 3   Constancy is the key. Your followers will come to know you when you are consistently posting and sharing their content as well as having decent conversations with them.

Tip 4   Provide great content. That should be pretty self-explanatory.

Tip 5   Follow back. For the 90% of humanity that isn’t abnormally odd, show them the same kindness they showed by following you. You are not more important than your followers. You will be surprised at how many fascinating people you can meet. To not follow back is arrogant and lame.

Tip 6   Ignore your home feed completely. Create Twitter lists and follow those lists. Maybe you are interested in healthcare. Create a healthcare list and witness the intriguing conversations around the industry.

Tip 7   Check your mentions. People reach out to you for one reason or another. Talk back. What is the point of social media anyway?

But how do you manage a Twitter account with over 1000 followers, let alone 441,000? Apps like Hootsuite, Tweepi, Buffer and ecofon are extremely helpful when it comes to managing lists and will release content posts on the schedule you set. It makes searching easier and you are able to avoid the things that just might not pertain to you. Make your variety of followers manageable.

You need to share great stuff. It is as simple as that. Be a service provider in a sense. Share brilliance and watch your numbers increase.

Listen to the full interview, here.