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MFG-Blog-Images-44Most who have been following our blog and podcast know it as the Tech Marketing Radio Show. We launched the podcast nine months ago to provide an opportunity for tech marketers to hear senior level professionals from global technology and digital marketing companies share their views on tech marketing tools, trends and potential future disruptors.

Enter, MarTech Heads. We would now like to introduce our revamped brand and new name but still offer you the same groundbreaking information, aimed at growing and educating the wider tech marketing community. Why change the name? Because MarTech is the cross-pollination of marketing and IT where marketing technologists, creative technologists, data scientists, and digital strategists collaborate to drive marketing excellence. MarTech Heads will provide insight and education from the best and brightest marketers throughout the world who have been there, done it, know what works and what doesn’t but at the same time are learning and being inspired every day.

A Glimpse of Our Guests

Our VIP guests spend an hour with us, giving us a glimpse of their tech-marketing world. Check out just a few of the highlights from past shows.

Sarah Tourville, CEO and founder of global tech marketing agency Media Frenzy Global, and Jeff Sheehan, one of the most influential marketers on Twitter (@jeffsheehan), are the co hosts with extensive expertise in the world of tech marketing. They bring out the best of the best in the tech marketing world to help you get ahead and stay ahead.

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