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Man with a suit case looking out of the Sarah Tourville, Founder and CEO


I regularly find myself questioning why I do what I do. I think it’s because I’m the type of person who wants every moment to matter and each day’s work to be part of a bigger journey.

If what I’m doing day to day is not part of creating the vision I have for Media Frenzy Global and our clients, I might as well not do it. This self-questioning is good for keeping me on task, but it can be counterproductive, particularly when things don’t go to plan.

I found myself having to think long and hard about my belief system this weekend when my 12-year-old-daughter asked, “How do you keep doing what you are doing when no one is showing you how to do it and you don’t know for sure that it will work?”

A great question and one that deserved an honest answer, particularly for my type-A daughter. My answer encompassed several areas I think are important for all entrepreneurs to evaluate every now and again—or maybe more often than that.

Self-belief. If you’re a self-funding business owner, as I am, you must fully believe in yourself and be certain that you have the strength, ambition, and tenacity to create a profitable business—whatever the circumstances. This belief must be coupled with courage, as you will frequently put yourself in situations that make you nervous, pull you outside your comfort zone, and test your commitment.

Vision. I told my daughter that you must clearly see what it is you are trying to create, even when no one else can. I see war rooms, creative rooms, coders building analytical platforms, digital performance traffic lights, bustle, energy, happy customers, excitement. I see the Media Frenzy team breaking through boundaries that other agencies haven’t been able to. I even see an enormous Media Frenzy Global logo on a high-rise building in New York City. The vision is endless—and enormous. Am I crazy? Stupid? Drinking too much of my own Kool-Aid? Perhaps. But if you can’t see it, how can you build it?

Unity. I believe people choose to join companies based on a clear, shared vision. They can see your intense commitment, energy, and desire so clearly that they want to help you get to your goal. And they believe they have the skills and talents that will help you get there. When everyone gets behind you and works toward the goal, that’s when it comes together in the way you imagined. You begin sharing and discussing business plans, aligning job targets to business-plan goals, providing ongoing business-performance feedback, celebrating successes, and recognizing challenges—all of which results in the type of amazing, sustainable team unity that carries everyone toward the goal.

Regardless of how strong my self-belief is on a given day, when I look around the MFG office, I know one thing for certain. We’re all working toward the big picture, and that will ensure we’ll get where we want to go, which is definitely not stupid.