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Our services are built around the methodology used to create a media frenzy™.


You can’t create a media frenzy™ without building your brand.

Message Development

You may know what you want to say, but not how to say it. At Media Frenzy Global, developing a message that resonates with your audience is what we do. Our discovery phase and client workshops uncover exactly what your business does, how your business is different, and how it solves problems for your customers. After researching your position in the market and how your company is currently perceived, we take into consideration SEO and strategic keywords that will help consumers locate your business on Google and other search engines.


Public Relations Plan

Now the story of your business is developed, connecting to your target market through media channels that will elevate your company’s status and promote thought leadership is the next phase. From the actual communication plan to deciding on the appropriate platforms, media outlets, and speaking opportunities, every step is specifically crafted to reflect your brand,.  We understand that these decisions must be consistent with your message and engage your audience so that your business is presented as a leader in your industry.

This extensive creative and strategic approach means that the team at Media Frenzy Global is always supporting your company strategy, whether this is growing sales in a certain vertical sector, expanding into new markets, or a new product launch.



You can’t create a media frenzy™ without the right content to fuel it.

Content Creation

Nothing gives you more credibility, expertise, and visual recognition than content. To be effective, your message must remain distinguishable among all media. The content we create at Media Frenzy Global are always part of the big picture. We are experts at developing engaging copy for multiple platforms that convey your message. Our content development ranges from web copy, social media copy, imagery and video content, news releases, blogs, byline articles, white papers, case studies and award and speaker entries. If you need visual content, such as infographics, our team is well-equipped to deliver.

Of course, all content creation includes an establishment of brand SEO objectives and is intrinsically versatile for re-use across other internal and external channels.


Media Relations

In media, it’s all about who you know. At Media Frenzy Global, we have developed fantastic relationships with the leaders in the media, and we know what stories will resonate with your target audience and how to get your story featured. By working with the principal influencers, your message is greatly elevated.


Analyst Relations

Analysts provide critical market insights, valuable endorsements, and are essential to round out and add credibility to reporter stories. We foster positive relationships between you and analysts, and provide opportunities to connect with media leaders, so that your company is always top of mind. The quality and effectiveness of your story only increases when these factors align.


Thought Leadership

What is a thought leader? It is someone who has vision, real opinions, and the guts to stand out. As your PR agency, we will seek out story ideas, engage your audience, create opportunities for new insights, and make theoretical ideas come to life.


Awards and Speaking Programs

People like working with the best. Becoming a leader means helping you identify the top platforms and seek angles that give you the greatest advantage for your brand. We help raise your awareness and build confidence through the identification of panels or awards that will boost your business.


Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…it can be overwhelming to know how to use each of these platforms. Social media needs to be at the heart of your PR campaign, and we will be your social media partner. By sharing relevant content regularly, we increase your presence to your partners, prospects, and consumers.


You can’t create a media frenzy™ without harnessing the right MarTech platforms to deliver results.


There is a lot of noise in the marketing world, especially when you create a media frenzy™. We control the commotion by utilizing the most relevant MarTech platforms. Accessible via your live dashboard, the results of your social channels, Google advertising, email marketing, marketing automation, media coverage, social likes and comments, analyst quotes, and viral content is easily evaluated.  The results not only make us accountable, but they give you insight into the value of your PR and marketing investment.

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