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Blog post image with marketing report on laptop in backgroundBy: Marie Bernadeau, PR Account Executive

Social media monitoring and listening is a great way to deepen relationships with valued stakeholders, including customers, industry experts, shareholders, employees, social communities, and the media. Social media monitoring and listening allows brands to respond to stakeholders in real time and provides an opportunity for brands to be transparent. Ultimately, PR is all about managing communication between organizations and the public, and gaining a deeper understanding of public perception of a particular brand.

Social media monitoring and listening tools such as Sprout Social can also support the evaluation of PR and social media campaigns. In addition, social media monitoring can also help identify unsatisfied customers and turn negative feedback into a window of opportunity. Through close listening to conversations in the social space, PR professionals can quickly respond and, ultimately, influence the narrative.

Significance to PR

By monitoring conversations, brands can easily identify loyal customers and connect with them on social media sites to deepen relationships and foster brand loyalty. Brands can also use social media monitoring and listening tools to identify critics and thwart potential crises. PR professionals can use any negative online as an opportunity to address misinformation and influence public perception of a particular brand.

In essence, monitoring and listening is key to helping brands stay abreast of what is being said about them and aiding PR professionals as they work to influence the conversation and spark meaningful engagement.