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Design on the cutting edge.


South by Southwest is an opportunity for brands to shine. Connectivity and hosting company Cogeco Peer 1, while innovative in their technology, needed creative designs that showcased their disruptive nature through their Map of the Internet app, while keeping in line with their existing look and feel. The new brain, globe, and running man graphics were the ideal elements to bring their trade show experience to life.




The campaign centered around establishing a rapport with their audience. We used a minimalistic, bright design on a dark backdrop and paired the new, iconic connectivity figures with the classic Cogeco blues to appeal to a tech-savvy demographic.

It extended beyond the trade show booth designs to include apparel, social media graphics, event signage, and even hotel keycards to have the widest impact. This campaign drew attention beyond Austin, Texas to the brand, reminding everyone why Cogeco Peer 1 has a reputation for working on the cutting edge.