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A person touching an iPadBy: Sarah Tourville, Founder and CEO

Ever wondered what it takes to build a media frenzy? Does it sound like something only the more established, bigger companies can achieve? That’s not the case. Every startup can begin to build its own media frenzy by taking the right steps from the outset.

Step 1. Messaging – find your cornerstone

Start by asking yourself the right questions to find out what makes your company different, why people should care and what’s in it for them. We suggest you lock yourself and your execs away in a room for several hours with a white board, lots of pens and sticky notes, and some tough questions. The goal is to be able to provide an answer to these questions:

  • What is your company’s core mission, values, and strengths
  • Confirm your target customers, market, and competition
  • What future trends and scenarios may influence customers and markets
  • Think about your aspirational brand and what you want yours to be
  • Agree on a brand promise that clearly crystallizes your offering

The outcome is a brand narrative and message map that defines how your company and your products/services are different from all the others and what words to use that best describe those differences. You can’t start any communications without establishing this first.

Step 2. Personality

With the messaging defined, you can now decide on a brand personality that a customer can relate to. The brand is the experience customers have when doing business with your company. It includes:

  • The benefits you commit to delivering, such as more time, cost reduction, security. Does your product or service deliver any of these benefits?
  • The promises you make and keep. Do you commit to 24-hour delivery? Do you include extras?

Within this exercise, you will also agree on your brand voice – the words you use, the tone your copywriting takes, the way you answer the phone. Will it be carefree, youthful, family orientated, rough, tough, elegant, or prestigious?

It’s worth remembering that an effective brand will increase its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits.

Step 3. Show it off

This is the fun bit! It’s now time to bring your brand to life through colors, typefaces, logo, overall graphic style that will work in print and digital. A good creative agency will take your brand narrative, message map and brand personality and use it to create a range of material that fully reflects your desired brand. They will sketch logos in different colors, using different typefaces and graphical images to form part of the logo. You will feel like a kid in a candy store! Our advice is to spend time looking through each logo idea and seek advice from colleagues / friends, but at the end of the day you have to love it so your gut feeling can really come into play.

Step 4. Influence the influencers

Before you make any public media announcements about the launch of your new company, consider getting in front of 2 – 3 influential tech industry analysts to brief them on your market offering and seek their feedback and input. You will be amazed how many analysts will be happy to meet with you if you intend to play in their space and possibly disrupt the market.

As technology and industry experts, they’ll be able to tell you what they think of your solution, where it might fit based on other market offering, target demographics, price points etc. Taking this insight and sharing it back into the company can prove invaluable and will have a lasting impact on the success of your brand. In return, the analysts ask that you keep in touch every quarter. Share with them your plans, product roadmaps, strategy, forthcoming announcements and in return they just might write about you in key influential market reports and possibly even recommend you to their clients.

Step 5. Make some noise

Let’s do this! You have done all the prep work and are ready to fire up the engine. But who are you launching to? Trade media only, or trade and business? What about bloggers and key social media influencers? How about those analysts that first helped you – they might provide an analyst quote for the launch release to add further credibility.

That’s where Media Frenzy Global comes in. Our passion for engagement and promotion goes beyond anything you’ve seen. We’ve helped many tech companies fire up investors, press, bloggers, analysts, customers and inspired them to spread the word and create media frenzy™.