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MFG-Blog-Images-41by: Katie Kern, PR & Marketing Director

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we decided now is the perfect time to reflect on the things Media Frenzy Global has been thankful for since establishing our US office just over a year ago.

Our Team

It’s difficult to run a successful business without a great team. At Media Frenzy Global, there are many pieces to our puzzle, including branding, communication strategy, content creation, PR, social and digital media. We have a strong team, each member bringing their own strengths and ideas to the table everyday.

Our Clients

We have been able to work with some fantastic companies not only within the past year, but also since Media Frenzy Global started in 2006. We work with clients ranging from a real estate establishment to tech giants, to innovative startups. We appreciate those relationships and are thankful we continuously learn from them.

Our Partners

We are involved in some powerful organizations, and there are many people within those associations who we would like to personally thank. The Tech Marketing Radio Show, the Greater Alpharetta Tech Network (GATN) and Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) are all part of how we are growing and learning as a tech-marketing agency in the Alpharetta area. It is important to join forces with those who know the most about the industry you work in and we celebrate these talented and inspiriting individuals. 

Our Office

Although we will be moving offices soon, we have been fortunate to have a beautiful office space in Alpharetta for the past year who have allowed us to paint our walls orange. It’s hard to grow the frenzy without a great creative space. However, as we continue to grow we will be moving into a brand new office in January. We are excited for the things to come (and hope we can add a touch of orange).

Our Daily Favorites

We can’t forget to give a shout out to Pandora and Starbucks, a couple of our daily favorites. A day in the office would not be complete without the two, and we thank them for giving us entertainment and caffeine at our desk when we need it most.

We love our jobs. But at the end of the day, we believe in taking the take time to unwind and remembering what is most important in life. Happy Thanksgiving!