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Visual of The Holidays Can Tech Us A Lot About Content Marketing BlogBy: Tawanda Carlton, PR Intern

The holidays can be stressful. No matter how many family members you have, what you’ve been requested to cook, how far you must drive, or the gifts you need to buy, the pressure to pull it off can be overwhelming. There is a lot of planning to make sure everything runs according to plan.

Content marketing is very similar. It takes organization, hard work, and a lot of preparation from all involved. You must give to get a return, whether that is family time over the holidays or an increase in user engagement through your content efforts.

Below we examine three important lessons about content marketing that have been inspired by holiday experiences.

Be There and Show Up

You only win the battle by being present when it comes to family gatherings. The same goes for content marketing. Writing, researching, and creating a content strategy can take a lot of time and energy; however, if you want to succeed you must make it a priority to show up and  do what it takes. Promote your business every day, not only when it is convenient.

Actionable Item: Consistency is essential. Many businesses have a hard time staying true to their brand. The message must always remain recognizable and relevant among all avenues of communication while engaging your audience. Staying consistent establishes credibility and authority. The more you create pertinent content, the more you legitimize your business.

You Can’t Please Everyone

No matter how well you prepare yourself to answer all of the awkward family questions thrown your way, you know your answers may not please everyone. When it comes to content marketing, everyone won’t like your ideas; however, it is important to keep in mind that you don’t have to make everybody love you. You just need your target to notice you. If you’ve worked your best to create quality work and your audience still isn’t interested, you move on. You work harder to find your niche. Your audience will eventually pay attention.

Actionable Item: Become a better writer. Your words are your brand. Creating compelling content allows you to speak to your target audience and get them excited about your business.


Have you ever had a holiday dish so good you keep going back for more servings? When it comes to content marketing, your audience should feel the same. Write your content with passion. Contribute innovative ideas, helpful worksheets, creative podcasts, or thought-provoking newsletters. Make sure you stand out. Your content should be so compelling that people want to share it, talk about it, and come back for more.

Actionable Item: Think about your audience. What do they need to know? Doing this will be one of your best content marketing strategies. If you can give a noteworthy answer to a question many people are curious about, your site will be seen as valuable.

BONUS: Surroundings Are Your Best Teacher:  It’s comical how the stress of the holidays can parallel the challenges you may face at your 9-5. Remember, take note of what’s going on in your everyday life and use it to fuel your creativity.