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Picture of glasses of champagneBy: Jessica Newland, Marketing Manager

Here at Media Frenzy Global, we like to celebrate—whether the feat is big or small. We’re always celebrating our clients and partners as they both consistently accomplish amazing things. But earlier this month, we decided to take a step back to celebrate ourselves. It was finally time to celebrate the frenzy and take note of all we have accomplished in such a short time here in the States.

After seven successful years in the UK, our second office was established here in the US a little over two years ago. That’s right, our second office has been in Alpharetta for two years now (hence the 2.0). As the first US employee, I have been part of some incredible accomplishments and exciting times.

Over the past two years, we’ve enjoyed every minute of our journey working with an amazing team here—including our partners and clients. Our team has grown, our clients have grown, and most importantly, our journey has grown. We’ve loved every minute of it and are excited to see what the next two years will bring.

As I mentioned, we like to celebrate in style. So, we did what anyone in our shoes would do. We threw a party. One that included champagne, canapés and a whole lot of celebration. Take a look at some pictures of our launch party and let us know if you want an invite to the next one.