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By: Andrew Meeks, Director of Digital Marketing


Blog image with PR team collaborating in background over a computer screen
Face-to-face meetings and presentations are not always possible, but travel restraints can quickly turn a warm lead cold. Online meeting services like GoToMeeting satisfy some immediate needs, but a majority of prospects want to perform due diligence on your business before and after that conversation.

Done correctly, a video can fill that void, essentially creating a highly accessible infomercial for your business. Just as importantly, by including candid interviews of satisfied customers and key staff members, you add a powerful human dimension to your messaging. Not to mention the fact that search engines place a high value on video content, improving your site rankings and adding a powerful tool to your online marketing arsenal.

Here are some tips for getting a great video, regardless of whether you hire a professional crew or film it yourself with an iPhone on a tripod.

  1. Keep it short. A video should be an introduction to a product, service, or person, not a symposium. The goal is to get prospects to click through for more information, generating authoritative inbound links.
  2. Keep it candid. Not everyone in your company or at your customer is ready for prime time, so choose your cast carefully. Look for people with casual confidence—you’ll know it when you see it. Try an interview approach with your subject looking off-camera, and be mindful of lighting and background.
  3. Do your prep work. Planning and structure ensure a smooth shoot. When possible, use examples of similar style corporate videos as prep, and share your outline/interview questions with your cast well in advance.
  4. Have patience. No shoot ever goes as planned, but life is full of happy accidents. A 90-minute shoot will yield multiple 30- to 90-second YouTube- friendly videos for your business, a small investment that will pay large dividends in online exposure.