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Atlanta, GA (May 7, 2014) – Media Frenzy Global, an award winning marketing communications agency, has been appointed as agency partner for Twocanoes Software, a leader in proximity hardware and large-scale beacon deployment software.  Media Frenzy, which is comprised of two operations in London and Atlanta, will be responsible for providing a progressive integrated communications campaign that includes public relations, analyst relations and content marketing.

Media Frenzy began working with Twocanoes earlier this year on the launch of Bleu Station, iBeacon compatible hardware solutions for small and large-scale retail and hospitality merchants. The firm is helping them build share of voice for Bleu Station and position them as thought leaders and enablers of BLE-based application solutions across multiple industries.

“Twocanoes’ new brand position will have a significant impact on an industry that is on the rise,” said Sarah Tourville, Founder and CEO of Media Frenzy. “We’re excited to partner with Twocanoes and utilize the agency’s extensive background in technology, media and analyst relations to elevate its profile in the market.”

“We’re pleased to begin working with Media Frenzy on developing and building awareness of Twocanoes’ new product line and our overall brand,” said Timothy Perfitt, CEO at Twocanoes Software. “The Media Frenzy team’s expertise in technology, passion for our business and global resources, made them a perfect fit.”

For further information on Media Frenzy Global services, please contact Katie Kern on Tel: 843-425-2412, Email: [email protected].