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Creative rationale and approach

We created a theme that visually feels like Verizon using company fonts and colors. Knowing that these concepts are NOT going to be customer-facing allowed us freedom to inject humor into the project.

The word “Digital” implies humor found in internet and or pop culture (ie. the Royal Wedding; the helmet from Full Metal Jacket with iphones in it; toy astronauts; and the “But First, Coffee” meme). The word “First” immediately implies a few things, such as

(1) being the first to do something noteworthy

(2) the first things you do every day






Media Frenzy Global to develop messaging and creatives for a series of assets which are part of the “But First, Digital” campaign. The costs comprise service fees for message and creative development, coordination with the client, two edit and creative revisions per asset and delivery.

•   Delivery of Digital First campaign (concept of existing copy and imagery)   $15,750

•   Storylines:6-8 copy and sketches that can be developed into video webisodes   $10,650

•   Digital ad banners (a variation of ad banners)   $3,300

•   Stickers / T-shirt design (does not include production)   $1,000

•   Internal Newsletter Template   $2,500

•   Series of 4 podcasts (message, coordination, scheduling, management)   $14,000 (podcasts to be recorded on same day)


If art direction of new photography or video is needed, that will be quoted separately to include time and travel expenses. Additional cost for production of webisodes.

3% administration fees are applied to invoices to cover all out-of-pocket administrative expenses such as shipping, local mileage less than 60-mile round trip, postage, copies/outputs, software etc.

50% payment is required upfront for all projects and the remaining 50% is due within 30 days of receipt of final invoice.



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