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By Jessica Newland, Senior Marketing Manager

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Just because you have a pen, doesn’t mean you’re a writer.” Now as technology has evolved over the years and a device is in everyone’s hands, that phrase has grown to include other industries.

I think it’s safe to say that just because you have a camera, it doesn’t make you a videographer, editor, or producer. However, with over one billion captioned videos on YouTube today, brands have to pay closer attention to what they produce in order to rise above the others. Simply recording a few things on your iPhone and editing them together with iMovie may still work for personal YouTubers, but it won’t work much longer for brands.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your video strategy:

Not all platforms are created equally

Before you produce your video, it’s best to determine the distribution channels. Will this live on your site? YouTube channel? Social platforms? Make sure your video format fits what you choose. It’s always a good idea to create shortened versions specifically for social. Keep in mind, it’s difficult to get someone to pause their scroll. And when they do, they probably don’t have the sound on. Your video should fit their environment, or you’ll lose viewership quickly.

Quality means more than quantity

Most video strategies used to be centered around, “How can we create more videos? It doesn’t matter what the quality looks like. Just get the content right” Brands can’t get away with that mentality anymore. Everyone is producing videos, so yours has to be better.  You have to stand out somehow. Focus on the details of your video to ensure you capture attention and keep it.

Don’t forget to tell a story

Even if your video is the best-produced video anyone has ever seen, if the story isn’t there your audience won’t connect. Just like any marketing content you produce, the heart of your content is your story. Make sure your brand voice can’t be forgotten, even with all of the beautiful shots you used to create a killer video.

If done right, video can be a key piece to any marketing or PR strategy. Use these considerations to make the most of your video content and rise up above the rest. (Yes, that was a Falcons reference.)

Video is vital, so make it count.