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Hands shaking.By: Daniella Gutierrez, PR & Marketing Coordinator

Nowadays digital is king. Everyone is on the go with mobile phones and the latest device. We are always connected, always sharing, always informed. Digital marketing can achieve amazing great numbers on your brand promotion; however, when all information is presented on a screen, it can be challenging for brands to showcase a more human aspect through digital marketing.

At Media Frenzy Global, we are constantly thinking of ways we can implement strategies that are spontaneous and capture that human quality. We decided to take our sponsorship at Mobility LIVE! and turn it into a living testimony to the wonders that a human approach makes on a brand by implementing a guerrilla marketing strategy. This tactic is not complicated: it takes creative thinking, a highly energetic team, and someone willing to give you a perfect example of the tactic, like me! So here are three steps to have in mind next time you decide to go human2human on your marketing efforts:


We knew we only had 15 minutes during our sponsored coffee break to make an impression at the event, so brainstorming allowed the team to get the creative juices flowing.

It is vital to narrow down the ideas and come up with innovative, unconventional tactics to engage with your audience. The best way to do this is to put yourself in their shoes. What would make you interested in a product or company?

Pull the pieces together

For us, the purpose of guerrilla marketing was to capture the attention of attendees in a more personal and memorable way. We determined the best approach for establishing conversations and getting people interested on our brand was to give them something to go with their coffee – cookies.

We wanted to be true to our brand, so for this, we came up with some fun ideas: cookies with orange sprinkles (orange is Media Frenzy’s primary color), and a fun tag to hang on the packaging that included our logo, website, Twitter handle, and a catchy hashtag – #FuelTheFrenzy).

Determining how you can make a simple product special was not easy. We incorporated some of our company core values to help streamline our messaging. When people see that you are authentic and consistent, they are more likely to remember your company.


This is the fun part. It was all about leaving a memorable impression. In this case, we simply handed out cookies with a smile. But this small act allowed us to engage in conversations and showed people what we mean by the Media Frenzy™.

These conversations can open doors to new relationships and give people a glimpse into your brand culture. In a world where everything is digital and people normally establish conversations online, approaching them in person and handing out cookies was refreshing.

Now that Mobility LIVE! is over, our brand efforts are not. Reaching out to the people you exchanged business cards with and inviting them to talk over coffee is a great way to bring back those human2human communications we are all craving so much. You will notice how simple things can make the great impact and lasting impressions. So go ahead, plan your own guerrilla-marketing tactic and tell the world your brand story in a way they will remember.