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Out of focus window view.With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Media Frenzy Global team decided to take a moment to reflect on the things we are grateful for everyday. Of course, we are thankful for our families, our friends, our team, and the opportunity of working in the field we love; however, we want to share what we are particularly grateful for in our day-to-day work life.

 Sarah Tourville, Founder & CEO

I am thankful for: Measurable results





I’m thankful that our services and capabilities are becoming increasingly more measurable. There’s nothing I dislike more than sitting in a client meeting without hard numbers in front of me to demonstrate success. Our clients want to see results and we make ourselves accountable for helping our clients reach their business goals.

Katie Kern, Marketing & PR Director

I am thankful for: HARO





One resource that we are incredibly grateful for and indebted to is HARO. This media sourcing service has been extremely useful in helping us find media opportunities for our clients. They offer a wide range of opportunities across a variety of industries. It has also helped us craft our pitching skills. Seeing the daily HARO enquires delivered straight to our email inbox, allows us to see exactly what a journalist is looking for.

Jessica Newland, Marketing Manager

I am thankful for: Technology




I am thankful for all of the technology out there that make our jobs easier (most of the time, anyway). Even though there are literally thousands out there to choose from, finding the right one to fit your needs is such a great feeling. I am thankful everyday these tools allow me to do more things in less time. I can’t imagine a day in the life of a marketer without technology.

Christy Marion, PR & AR Specialist

I am thankful for: Copywriters





I am very thankful for the amazing copywriters that we work with at Media Frenzy Global. Technology writing can be a beast to tackle and at times, our two writers have been my saving grace. They are always supportive and can turnaround even the trickiest content in no time.

Daniella Gutierrez, PR & Marketing Coordinator

I am thankful for: Social media 

social media icons





I’m thankful for social media because it’s a powerful and inexpensive tool that makes the lives of PR and marketing professionals much easier. It has never been more simple to connect and interact with people everywhere. Social media allows us to reach masses to educate and create awareness on the brands we work with each day at Media Frenzy Global.

Our team certainty has a lot to be thankful for, so we couldn’t let this time pass without acknowledging it. Now let’s get ready to feast and celebrate our blessings. Happy Thanksgiving from Media Frenzy Global!