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By Charly Neel, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Blogging Business Cms

With the evolution of digital content, it is easy to think blogs are a thing of the past. Howbeit, blogs still have a huge impact on your brand, and it is as important now as ever to include this feature on your website. Below are a few reasons why a blog should be an integral piece of your brand’s 2019 content strategy.

Share your brand’s voice.

In today’s age, content is king, so it is important to communicate your brand’s unique voice. A blog is a perfect way to do so while also targeting your audience and appealing to their interests. After establishing a solid body of work, you can use tools such as Google Analytics to view pages on your site that will garner the most clicks. Media Frenzy creates a monthly blog report to analyze what content receives the most views, and what the correlation between these top blogs may be. This allows us to cater content to our key target audiences interests, even as they shift.

A genuine brand voice is also likely to create and/or strengthen customer relationships, as your target audience will recognize authenticity behind a blog written by the team selling them a product or service. 47% of buyers review at least three pieces of content by a brand before reaching out about their product or service.

Boost your SEO.

Adding content to your website on a consistent basis will drive traffic to your site and boost organic SEO, meaning you will appear higher on Google results when readers search keywords related to your industry, product or service. Websites with blogs have a 434% higher chance of appearing high on search engine results pages, since there is more content available to index. Most recently, our team increased our blog cadence, and noticed an increase in overall site visits. There is a clear parallel – the uptick in content has resulted in more site visits. Additionally, we’ve found great success in sharing blogs across social media and third-party blog sites, increasing exposure and driving site traffic through those media channels as well.

Educate your audience.

Don’t overlook the primary intent of a blog, which is to inform. You can provide information to your audience not only about your products and services, but the industry as well. In reviewing MFG’s 2018 blog analytics, we gained the most organic search views on blogs that were purely informative, rather than anecdotal or promotional. This means people are searching for keywords that our team is covering in blogs, and we are garnering site traffic while also providing value. Furthermore, a blog speaking to what is relevant in your brand’s industry can help to establish your business as a team of thought leaders and prove your expertise, ideally leading to customer acquisition. B2B marketers using blogs acquire 67% more customer leads than those who do not.

A blog should authentically reflect your brand. With this in mind, there are no set blog post requirements; your post does not need to match a specific length or include a certain quantity of industry jargon in order to be effective. Get the whole team involved in writing content and conveying your brand’s voice through blogs for your site, and make 2019 your brand’s year for strong, organic marketing results.