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MFG-Blog-Images-50By: Katie Kern, PR & Marketing Director

Compared with consumers, B2B technology buyers are a separate breed.

Their distinctive approach to technology selection involves consensus decision-making, extensive capability scoring, analyst references, information-gathering events, and competitive comparisons. Jobs, and sometimes even careers, can hinge on the right choice.

As a tech company, you need an agency that understands how to leverage new media and how to to repurpose content for multiple marketing platforms and different audiences. It’s the best way to reach and engage with top influencers in your industry.

Why choose a tech marketing agency over a traditional agency? Tech-focused agencies incorporate all aspects of traditional PR—and then some. Here are key differences in five areas.


So, what’s the overall value? In addition to all traditional marketing tactics, your company will be able to incorporate a level of technology sophistication that’s not available at traditional firms. When both your company and marketing agency align with the same goals, strategy and expertise, everything else falls into place.