Like a ride on an unfamiliar roller coaster, my first year in tech flew by in a hazy blend of feelings: jittery anticipation, wild exhilaration and more than a few scary moments where I was 100% certain I was about to fly right off the rails.

I imagine, if you’re reading this, you’ve felt some of those things. You’ve likely experienced any number of other feelings that range between extreme euphoria and downright despair, too. I’m also certain that, if you’ve made it past your first year in tech, you can confirm that these feelings don’t stop.

I’ve found, over the last few years working with women in tech, that these feelings never actually go away. It doesn’t matter how high a level you reach or how much experience you get. You don’t freak out about the same things, in good ways or bad, but your pulse still gets racing pretty frequently.

My hope is that, in sharing the advice, insights and affirmations in this book, you’ll feel both comforted and inspired.

Do you identify as a woman who isn’t sure what to expect in her first year of tech? Here are some insights and advice from and for empowered women in tech on finding success in the first year of your tech career.

As a female CEO, I have been motivated to work harder than my male peers, in order to gain the same recognition. This has only motivated me more. I have learned that while it is hard, it is worth it. The career and path I have chosen has not been easy, however, I would not be as knowledgeable as I am today without the challenges I faced.
– CEO & Founder of Media Frenzy Global, Sarah Tourville

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