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More than a name.

FRENZY is a phenomenon more potent than any paid campaign. You can't buy it, and it doesn’t last forever, but the ripples it creates can define the future. It isn’t chaos; it’s the climax of strategic and sustained marketing and PR that comes from an authentic alignment between brand values and buyer aspirations. When these waves arrive, they don’t just push the brand forward — they reshape the landscape. Transforming the audience into advocates is the hallmark of a true FRENZY. Our role is that of the catalysts: we set the stage with curated content and perfectly crafted messages, but it’s the brand’s connection to its audience that drives the movement.

Our journey began in the heart of London in 2012, launching the world’s first voice recognition app across Europe — a testament to our international capabilities and innovative roots. Since then, we have only refined our capabilities, made our strategies more potent, and achieved more impressive results.


Choosing FRENZY means partnering with a team brimming with expertise and boundless creative energy, all dedicated to helping brands discover and amplify their unique voices. We don’t just join your journey; we accelerate it, meshing seamlessly with your team to surpass goals and smash KPIs. We know that in B2B, the stakes are high and the investments are significant. Your transactions are not just about exchanges of goods and services — they’re complex interactions centered around building lasting relationships. B2B requires a foundation of trust and mutual respect. That’s why we aim to be your partner, understanding your needs deeply, anticipating challenges, and consistently solving problems. When clients trust that their voices are heard and valued, loyalty follows.

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"Media Frenzy has successfully increased social media engagement, conversion rates, and overall sales opportunities. They are experts in their field, their effective PR strategies have been a huge help to the company. They're also proactive about setting and reviewing monthly targets for continued progress."

–VP of Marketing, Stratix