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How Data Used with PR Can Expand Brand and Audience Reach

Data doesn’t box creativity in; if used correctly, data can be used to hone in on our marketing strategies and help us continue to build upon what works! Droga5 Chief Intelligence Officer, Amy Avery explains how data, coupled with public relations, can expand brand and audience reach.

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How Your Brand Can Make Lemonade Like Beyoncé with Michael Barber

You may be doing something wrong in marketing your brand and not even know it! Michael Barber, Founder of barber&hewitt explains how to make your brand standout like master marketer, Queen Bey! From simple details, such as your e-mail address, to the complexity of customer experience, your brand is more than a one step process. In this episode, Michael challenges brands to grow above the status quo!

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Puttin’ on the Fizz: How to Make Word of Mouth Marketing Work for Your Brand with Ted Wright

“A face-to-face conversation is 100X more believable than the same conversation digitally.” Fizz CEO, Ted Wright shares how word of mouth marketing has risen back to the top as a premier form of communication for brands – especially in today’s message bombarded world. Ted explains how to use your story and influencer connections to spread the word and reach more customers!

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