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the media frenzy™.


Build The Frenzy

With all of the noise out there, it’s not easy to cut through. But, at Media Frenzy Global, we’ve built lasting relationships with the right influencers, journalists and analysts to get your business the most meaningful coverage. In this business, it is about who you know.

You can’t create a media frenzy™ without building your brand.

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Fuel The Frenzy

Yes, we all know that content is king. But, what about it? At Media Frenzy Global, we see content at the heart of what we do. We develop impactful, meaningful and educational content that can be shared across all platforms. You need to be creating the right content in the right format to reach your most desirable audience.
You can’t create a media frenzy™ without the right content to fuel it.

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Harness The Frenzy

After you’ve created your media frenzy™, how do you know it meant anything? We find and analyze the right KPIs to make sure your media frenzy™ met your goals. With the crazy amount of MarTech tools out there, you need someone who can navigate the right platforms for the most impact.
You can’t create a media frenzy™ without harnessing the right data to show results.


What we can do for you.

Media Frenzy PR Agency

Analyst Relations

Getting the industry analysts onside is a vital part of creating a media frenzy.

Media Frenzy PR Agency


Our graphics team creates stunning visuals that grab the audience’s attention and flow seamlessly from platform to platform.

Media Frenzy PR Agency

Communication Strategy

Develop a message that resonates with your audience is at the core of everything we do at Media Frenzy.

Media Frenzy PR Agency

Content Creation

It’s simple: you can’t create a frenzy without absolutely stellar content.

Media Frenzy PR Agency

Public Relations

With the right strategy and relationships, you can drive the conversation about your company and react swiftly to industry news and events.

Media Frenzy PR Agency

Social Media

Social media is flying high at the moment, but without a strategic plan and serious skills, it can fall flat.

Media Frenzy PR Agency

Digital Media

Our digital media team produces inventive, highly professional corporate videos, product videos, virtual tours, and video websites.

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