In the new world of dispersed workforce models, it’s possible to find the best and brightest to grow a company regardless of geographical location. Media Frenzy Global has been riding that wave for the last year, acquiring talent from coast to coast. Our team now represents six states across three time zones.

While we were already a strong team, it was spectacular to meet in person in Atlanta in late September for a day of fun and team building. Some of us were saying hello face to face for the very first time! Between fabulous meals and very positive business updates, we were put through the paces with structured team-building exercises focused on creativity, trust and goal setting.

If your remote team is looking to do something similar, here are a few activities to try:

Circle of Appreciation

Have your employees stand in a circle. Then, tell every person to share one thing that they appreciate about the person standing to their left. Once the circle is complete, go the other way by telling everyone to share something that they appreciate about the person to their right.

MFG Note: Wow does it feel nice to receive kind words outside of Slack. We loved it!

Survival Mode

Divide participants into two teams and present them with a survival situation: a plane crash, a shipwreck, lost in the desert. Next, present them with a list of items that might be useful in that situation. (Our teams had a playground ball, protractor, candle, ruler and more.) Challenge the groups to choose five items that will help them survive. After the teams finish picking their items, ask them to justify their selections and share how they would use those things to overcome their given circumstance. Designed to stimulate critical, creative and strategic thinking, this activity also highlights problem-solving skills that can be useful in your business.

MFG Note: While our team lost at sea integrated some creative storytelling, our team in the desert acted out their scene, complete with sound effects, giving them the competitive edge.


Divide your group into teams of two. Blindfold one member of each pair. Then, arrange several obstacles in the area – office furniture works well. Line up each team and start them at the same point; those who aren’t blindfolded must direct their partners using only the words right, left, forward, and backward to maneuver around the obstacles. The first team to reach the other side of the room wins.

MFG Note: To up the ante, do this exercise outside, next to a lake. Additional confidence is built by trusting that your partner won’t direct you straight into the water. (It would have been funny, but we all refrained.)

Egg Drop

Break into two teams. Give each a set of materials including a box, packaging tape, and a supply of disposable straws. Plus, one egg. Give the teams fifteen minutes to use the materials to build a holder for their egg that will protect it when dropped from a high spot. When time is up, bring the teams together to watch the drop! Whichever team’s egg remains intact is the winner. If both eggs remain intact, count the straws used; whichever team used fewer straws is the winner.

MFG Note: When conducting this exercise in a shared workspace, don’t worry about the strange looks from others in the building. Believe it or not, they won’t ask any questions, and if you clean up after yourselves, all will be well.

Thanks again to the leadership team at MFG for a mini-retreat we’ll all remember! We hope your team can give it a try. If you happen to be in the Atlanta area, we also recommend Gypsy Kitchen, Industrious and Mission + Market.